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Wendy Doyle is a divorce lawyer serving clients in New Port Richey, Florida, representing clients in areas such as divorce, high asset divorces, child custody and child support. If you are seeking a divorce in New Port Richey, Florida or you have been served with  divorce papers or lawsuit in Pasco County, Florida  your case will be settled in the 6th Judicial Circuit of Pasco County. Divorce can be extremely stressful and is usually not entered into lightly. In Florida, there are specific laws that govern family law and divorce. Hiring a divorce lawyer to represent you in New Port Richey will be crucial to ensuring the process is done according to Florida divorce law and in your best interest.

Florida Law & Equitable Distribution

Florida is considered an equitable distribution state. Many divorcing couples believe this means that all assets acquired during the marriage are equally distributed, however it is not a guaranty. Equitable distribution starts with a presumption that marital assets will be divided equally but the courts are under no obligation to do so. It takes a skilled divorce lawyer to help you to determine what process and strategy is best in each situation to ensure that your financial future is secured. This is especially important in high asset divorces. Wendy Doyle is a skilled divorce and family law litigator and she will fight for your rights in your divorce proceeding should it go to litigation. Remember,  divorcing spouses each have their own unique needs, therefore, consulting with a family law lawyer in New Port Richey will ensure that you receive the professional legal advice that you deserve.

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If you are searching for a New Port Richey divorce lawyer, contact the family law office of Wendy Doyle by calling (727) 824-5727 for a free initial consultation. If you would like to learn more about filing for a divorce in Pasco County, Florida or general information about family law services and Florida law on divorce, please browse the topics on our website.

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