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Protecting the vulnerable

As a family member ages, succumbs to illness, or is simply too young to make major life decisions, one of the safest measures to take is to establish a guardianship. A guardianship is a protective measure in which a guardian, usually a close family member or guardian ad litem, assumes responsibility over a ward’s assets and general well-being.

Helping to establish different kinds of guardianships, including those for minors, property, and incapacitated adults.

The guardian’s role

The guardian takes responsibility for the ward in many capacities, including managing finances, deciding where the ward will live, choosing medical care options, and making legal decisions. Guardians must provide annual reports to the court throughout the duration of the guardianship.

Guardianships for minors enable an adult to protect the minor’s interests, usually in the case of inheriting a large sum of money. These arrangements are also known as guardianships of property.

Guard your loved ones with legal shields

Protecting your family and loved ones is human instinct. Luckily, the law can assist you. Call the Law Office of Wendy Doyle-Palumbo in Pinellas Park or Hudson, Florida. Helping clients set up a variety of guardianships for those who need them.

For more information on Guardianships

Guardianships can take about a month to institute, but an emergency guardianship can be established in less than one week. These can be drastic measures, so be sure to discuss your situation with an experienced family law attorney in Tampa to determine if a guardianship is right for you.

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