Pinellas County Family Law Attorney Client Testimonials

When you hire Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq., to represent you in a family law or personal injury law case, I will work diligently to defend your rights and work towards your desired solution according to Florida Law.
I hope you find our reviews and testimonials helpful in your search for a Pasco or Pinellas County divorce lawyer , child support or child custody lawyer. If  you need a personal injury lawyer  my law firm provides legal representation to those who have been injured in an accident due to negligence in Pasco County, Pinellas, Hernando and Citrus County, Florida. Call today for a free consultation.
“Had an amazing experience with Wendy. She was very knowledgeable in the law and took the time the epxlan and answer all my questions. I had an amazing outcome with my case and have already recommended her to a friend and she has won that case as well. Super pleased and if I ever need any other leagal representation she will be my first call.”
“Every thing she did for me was spot on! I was married 24 years and have two kids, all I can say is put her in your corner and life will be better, she rocks!”

“I was referred to Attorney Dolye, by a good friend, who was looking out for my best interest. Attorney Doyle handled my child custody case in 2006.As a young man, in college, with a toddler, I realized that it was an overwhelming experience. Attorney Doyle was extremely helpful, and sat down with me in her office, on many occasions to fully explain all of the avenues that we could explore.

I was completely satisfied with the outcome and felt that she genuinely cared for the well-being of all parties involved. Not only was she practically therapeutically counseling me, as an overwhelmed, indecisive young adult. She was very informative and sincere.

I also hired Attorney Dolye in 2008 for a child custody relocation case. The results were extremely satisfactory and the opposite party ended up having to pay for my court cost and attorney fees, because of Attorney Doyle’s professionalism, knowledge, and immediate responses to the opposing party within the courtroom.

The end result, case closed. I always win, when I seek the counsel of Attorney Wendy Doyle, Esq.

I referred Attorney Doyle to my mother, to seek counsel regarding a divorce case in 2010. My mother was extremely satisfied with the professionalism and sincerity of Ms. Doyle. Her case was handled in a timely fashion and my mother really enjoyed working with Attorney Doyle during that emotionally upsetting time in her life.” David M.

“Wendy really made feel like I didn’t have to worry about anything I was always able to reach her I never had to go through a secretary and I was very pleased with her work and I would hire her 30 million more times if I had to. Thanks for everything Wendy.”
Casshondra T.
“Wendy knows her law. She doesn’t back down. Took her time so that I also understood what needed to be done and the order it had to be done. Had all paper work completed so that all I needed to do was sign and show up to court. Had my divorce in no time costing me no more then attorney fees. She is a fantastic lawyer.”
“Wendy is a fantastic lawyer and has a good heart, she was on my side at the hardest point in my life. I could call her with questions about my divorce and she was excellent with her legal information and understanding of my situation. Thanks Wendy.”
Rose A.
“Wendy is such an awesome lawyer and fights for what’s right. She really helped out my friend with a seven year child support battle. Wish we would have known about her sooner. Thank you for such a great job we will definitely keep you as our lawyer”
“I retained Wendy Doyle in 2009 to help me navigate my divorce. Every step of the way – she coached me and helped me keep things in perspective. It really is a matter of trying to see the forest through the trees. Emotions make it nearly impossible, but Wendy helped me keep perspective. She listened to my concerns and informed me of every action and communication she was taking on my behalf.She is very focused and determined. She is a no nonsense attorney who fought for me and protected me when I felt too weary and overwhelmed by the divorce to fight for myself. Because of this experience with Wendy, I referred her to a dear friend who is also experiencing the stress of a divorce. As an outsider this time – I am witnessing how she handles my friend’s concerns and anxieties. Not only is she helping my friend, but she is giving me advice on how I can be supportive as well.I am very grateful for her genuine interest in helping others and the compassion she has shown us. I have repeatedly recommended Wendy Doyle to those in need of a good attorney for Divorce or Family Law issues, and I will continue to do so.”
A Divorce Client

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