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car accident lawyer pinellas county floridaIf you have been seriously injured in automobile accident, accident attorney Wendy Doyle-Palumbo can provide you with the legal assistance you will likely need. Nobody ever plans on being involved in an auto accident, but when the unexpected happens, it’s reassuring to know that an experienced personal injury and car accident attorney is only a phone call away.

Experienced Tampa Bay Car Accident & Personal Injury Trial Lawyer

Attorney Doyle-Palumbo is highly knowledgeable Florida No Fault, PIP and Med Pay Attorney which is what you need when you’re searching for an accident attorney. Regardless of the nature of your injuries, rest assured that you will have an accident attorney who will be by your side, while protecting your rights. Although it isn’t always easy to predict how an accident case will unfold, hiring a personal injury attorney is one way of ensuring the best possible outcome. Remember, if you’ve been in a low impact car accident you may have suffered whiplash or other soft tissue injuries that can have delayed symptoms. It is wise to speak to a car accident lawyer regardless of the severity of accident and even when low property damage has occurred.

Auto Accident Attorney Representing Clients in Multiple Tampa Bay Locations

When you’ve been injured in an automobile accident in Pinellas or if your accident occurred in the Suncoast area, you’ll benefit from hiring a personal injury and PIP attorney. We have two convenient locations to serve our clients who have been injured.  When you need a car accident lawyer in Pasco County, FL or a motorcycle accident lawyer in Hernando or Citrus County, we make it easy. Hiring a motor-vehicle accident attorney will increase your chances of getting the appropriate level of financial compensation for your auto accident injuries. Ensuring that you get the medical attention you need, which can mean sending you to a specialist who can determine your ability to make a full recovery is extremely important when you’ve been injured. In addition to auto accidents, Attorney Doyle-Palumbo also handles cases involving:

  • The defendant owed you a standard of care.
  • The defendant did not provide that basic care.
  • This breach of care caused you injury.
  • You suffered an injury.

If all four aspects of negligence are present, you may have the right to sue for compensation for your injuries and property damage. I represent clients who need a personal injury and accident lawyer in Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Dunedin, Largo and From my Personal Injury Law Office in Hudson, Florida, represent car accident victims from Tarpon Springs, Holiday, Spring Hill, Brooksville and throughout Citrus County, FL. Hudson,

Getting injured victims the compensation they deserve in many areas of personal injury, including:


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