The Unique Attributes Of Family Law Practice In Pasco County, Florida

/The Unique Attributes Of Family Law Practice In Pasco County, Florida
The Unique Attributes Of Family Law Practice In Pasco County, Florida 2015-05-12T14:54:06+00:00

Interviewer: For Pasco County, what’s different from the other counties?

Wendy Doyle: It isn’t in the judicial circuit, it’s in the 6th judicial circuit so they have the same local rules but the judges, they actually operate the same as in Pinellas Countyeven though it’s rural up here, the judges up here, they are good judges. I’ve had a lot of really good experiences with Pascal judges up here. I think they do a really good job. And we have the west side and then we have the east side as well and we have Lynn Tepperover in the east side. She does a great job. She’s a really great judge, so basically it is the same as Pinellas County.

Hillsborough County is Very Different from Pasco County in Family Law Practice

The big difference is the 6th judicial circuit in Hillsborough County, that’s the really big difference. The Hillsborough County is just completely different but they have a lot more cases, very big county and it’s busy. It’s very busy and when you get hearing time, when you get  trial timeyou’re talking about 6 months out before you can go to trial.Now Pascal County, you get hearing time a lot quicker. St. Petersburg which is in Pinellas County, you can get hearing time real quick and then Clearwater is a little busier that’s also in Pinellas County. You get a hearing time quicker than Hillsborough but less fast in St. Petes and Pasco County

There are 2 Courthouses in Pinellas County, One in Clearwater and the Other at St. Pete’s

Pinellas County makes up of 2 courthouses. There’s one in Clearwater and there’s one in St. Pete’s. So basically, I think the zip codes that are under Ulmerton if you have a zip code that is under Ulmerton then you are going to go to the same court house that is assigned, the St. Petersburg court house. If you are above Ulmerton you are going to go to the Clearwater court house. The Clearwater is bigger, it has a bigger population so basically they have more cases so you don’t get hearing time as quick as St. Petersburg which is Lower Pinellas County but you would get hearings that are quicker than you would if your case is in Hillsborough County. Pasco County, you get your hearing quicklyit is a big county, Pasco is a big county.

The Differences Between the Clientele from the Three Different Counties

Interviewer: Are there any difference in the clients that you get from these three counties or is it just people are people?

Wendy Doyle: I think people are people. Pasco County has some very rural areas but I think because we are also connected now and Pasco like I said, people have farms, live people wear their cowboy boots around and in Pasco County we have a Rural King . In Pinellas County, you don’t have a Rural Kingit is very urban and St. Pete is very up and coming. There are a lot of really fancy restaurants there. It’ll have you thinkingClearwater is pretty metropolitan.

The Major Difference Between the Family Law Clientele is the Socio-Economic Gap Between the Counties

Pasco County is still rural but I think because we’re also connected now through social media, I don’t see a really big difference in my clients. The big difference I see in clients is socio-economic gap. There’s a difference between somebody who has millions, what they’re thinking about and what I have to worry about in their case vs. somebody who is working class and they don’t have a lot of assets to divide up and it’s a whole different ball game. There is usually a different thing which is going on so if there’s any difference between clients, it is money and income really has a lot to do with what people are focusing on.

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